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The project for this small 30 sqm studio apartment in Lugano, Switzerland, involves the insertion of a custom-made piece of furniture that solves both the functional and organizational aspects and maximizes the little space available.

The project is simple. Everything is designed to maximize functionality: wardrobes, table and chairs are integrated into the shape and structure of the furniture. The inclined pitch of the building roof provides for a small mezzanine, where the bed is inserted.

The simplicity is actually a complex series of joints and interconnections of floors and volumes, which solve all the functional aspects required and give a strong identity to the studio apartment.

This contrast is accentuated by the use of anthracite for the exterior which is contrasted by natural wood for the interior.

The human being is the active part of this project who, with his daily gestures, continually changes the space, organization, aesthetics and essence of the same.

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