Intimità Temporanee – Cabine d’Essayage

with A. Lombard - Lugano 2003


Installazione architettonica multimediale presentata nell’ambito della mostra Intimità Temporanee,
Spazio Artelier, Lugano, 2003.
Con Anne Lombard, stilista, Losanna
Foto: Piernicola Federici, Catalogo Artelier

It is today evident that the traditional boundaries between private and public are not valid in the terms we used to know it.

The pervasiveness of public space, through technology and mass media, enters in the private sphere. In turn, the public space of streets and squares becomes private through surveillance cameras and other identification electronic devices.

At a smaller scale, the private and intimate space of the body constantly confronts itself with the public space of the social body through an ever changing and permeable boundary.

From these beginning considerations draws the interdisciplinary project Intimità Temporanee: Cabine d’Essayage, a multimedia installation where the idea of intimacy and privacy is the focus of the research.

Carried on with Swiss French fashion designer Anne Lombard, Intimità Temporanee: Cabine d’Essayage reinterprets the idea of changing room, a normal changing room that you can find in every clothing store. Here, though, the private and intimate space of the changing room is violated by a surveillance camera. These images are projected onto the walls of the exhibition space.

The changing room becomes a sort of identity device, continuously repositioning the limit between public and private. All the clothing collection was presented through this voyeuristic device.

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