Through the format of the dynamic web site, “Codecity : Incrementing = True” tries to unveil new spaces and offer a new type of mapping, where images, the temporal dimension and sounds are integrated. Spaces that are often defined as non-places become a new planning opportunity, new places of contemporary living. The city, therefore, is no longer a place of great deeds and monuments, but a place of perceptive fragments, diachronic and transitory spaces. Technology, with its codes and its flux of spreading and invisible capital, originates these interstitial spaces, thus creating a new city, (post-metropolis?), and questioning the actual idea of corporeality. The web site is a sort of sensorial experience, in a certain way it imitates the new city. This project was set up for the competition held in Florence even though we are well are of the fact that we are only at the very beginning. “Codecity: Incrementing = True” is not yet finished, it will grow and change in the future, it will have new web pages and links. It will probably attract the collaboration of new people too.


Catalogo 5° Festival Internazionale di architettura in Video, Firenze
Rhizome Artbase, New York